Digital Transformation

Project Description

Client: AstraZeneca :Multinational biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical company

Year: 2020

Industry  Pharmaceutical Industry

Main Service: Digital Transformation

Location: Globally located across the world

Programme Overview 

The digital transformation programme aims at achieving 3 strategic priorities: transforming how we work, redefining digital health and reimagining healthcare at one of the largest multinational biopharmaceutical and pharmaceutical companies. The transformation programme focuses on leveraging the latest technologies to harness data and analytics to achieve this strategic priority

Project- Implementation of comprehensive people search web application using an AI-powered search platform to support AZ enterprise (65,000+ user base)

Challenge:  Find experts and colleagues across a  large multinational company on time to answer questions. Over the years, this has resulted in many silos internal people search solutions across the organisation meeting specific user needs. Multiple solutions exist in silos for the various departments across the business unit. Over-reliance of personal networks to get expertise support 

 Solution Approach

Elicitation Strategy: A detailed questionnaire (10 questionnaires) target the wide spectrum of the business team across many global sites. Details analysis of the questionnaires was performed into features for prioritisation with product manager and product team members. Overwhelmingly the majority of the business requirement was about the capability to find expertise to support with day to day job activities and network 

A  proof of concept MVP build based on initial business requirements to elicit feedback.  The initial MVP was a showcase to stakeholders from business units across the organisations in Virtual shows and tells, face to face demos. 

Solution Design strategy: Building a customer-centric  Al/NLP solution built upon sinequa search platform that surfaces comprehensive 360 profile views with relevant information associated with the person such as expertise, skills, job history and project involved. can 

Results –  Enterprise wide adoption of the solution to find expertise and network across the organisation 66,000 +stafff